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My little dove
Dear little Shelly:
My oh my! How fast and beautiful you grow!
I rub my belly hoping and praying you will be alright. That you will grow and we will make through this together.
And I will see you grow. And I will see you become the stunning little girl I see in my dreams.
I close my eyes and my little dove, I see you.
So pretty. So healthy.
Your dark, thin and perfect curls, so like my brother's, your uncle (who between you and I won't stop buying you precious little dresses and cute wonderful things) who loves you so very much. I also see those huge and sparkly golden honey and chocolate brown eyes sparkle with happiness, just like your grandpapi (he too buys us cute little accessories and keeps us safe from any harm) who is anxious to hold you in his arms, like I am.
Like all of us are.
I see also, those cute pouty lips and cute round cheeks and thin little nose, just like mine (at least you'll have something of mine) I think we'll be confused as sisters. But I w
:iconproudakidoprincess:ProudAkidoPrincess 1 1
In Memory of
It's funny how things work.
We can never control what life throws at you.
Nor can we ever change the hand we have been dealt.
You were my friend.
You were my world.
I looked up to you.
And knew you were strong.
Even after all you went through,
Even after all that was taken from you...
You were strong.
You were proud.
You were a lesbian and you were amazing.
You were a princess in name as well as in heart.
I know now no one will ever fill your shoes.
I know now Things won't ever be the same.
It was at this very time that things got worse for you a year ago, and despite everything you still held on.
You still fought.
And if I know you...
If I knew you at all.
I know you are still fighting.
Wherever you might be.
I know you aren't afraid.
Wherever you might be.
I know you're still the same.
Wherever you might be.
Things may change. But you.
You are.
:iconproudakidoprincess:ProudAkidoPrincess 82 7
A letter to my love
Dear Love:
What's so wrong with telling you that, I love you more than feelings can stand?
What's so wrong with telling you, I love you more with each passing day?
What's so wrong in telling you that, you've got me head over heels for you already?
What's so wrong with telling you, I dream about you each time I close my eyes, whether in sleep or just a day dream?
What's so wrong in telling you that, every time you smile my heart skips a beat and starts again at double the speed?
What's so wrong in telling you that, every time I see you are upset I blame myself even if it's not my fault?
What's so wrong in telling you that, my heart broke into a million pieces when I saw you cry because of me?
What's so wrong in telling you that, I wish I were with you forever and always and then some more?
What's so wrong with telling you, I'd cross the ocean for you, swimming if I have to, to get to you?
Answer to all of this...
It's not wrong. There is nothing wrong. Simply because...
I love you more
:iconproudakidoprincess:ProudAkidoPrincess 5 9
Song for you
Quizá no fue coincidencia encontrarme contigo... Maybe it wasn't coincidence finding you.
Tal vez esto lo hizo el destino...                               Maybe destiny planned this out.
Quiero dormirme de nuevo en tu pecho...               I want to sleep again on your chest.
y después me despierten tus besos.            And then wake up to your kisses.
Tu sexto sentido sueña conmigo, Your sixth sense dreams of me.
se que pronto estaremos unidos. I know that soon will be united.
Esa sonrisa traviesa que vive conmigo. That playful smile that lives with me.
se que pronto estaré en tu camino. I know that soon I'll be in your way.
Sabes que estoy colgando en tus manos,    You kno
:iconproudakidoprincess:ProudAkidoPrincess 1 17
Almost lost...
This is a feeling I wouldn't wish upon anyone.
The feel of your body aching,
your muscles tensing,
and your gut clenching.
Evil and unwanted,
hard, difficult even!
Life slipping... away...
You must hold on.
You must soldier on.
You must be strong.
For you.
For me.
For both of us.
Dear baby...
Please hold on.
I can't bear to lose you.
Or I'll lose myself.
Be strong.
Stay strong.
Be my strength.
Be my support.
And for all that you are worth and even more...
Hold on.
I'm here.
And I'm waiting for you.
I forbid you to come before your time.
And darn it, baby... you will stay inside.
Away from pain and evil and hatred and cruelty...
Until your true time comes.
Hold on.
For you.
For me.
For our family.
For us.
Hold on.
:iconproudakidoprincess:ProudAkidoPrincess 1 21
Lesbian short story
The gypsy and the princess
Searched forever and a day and I found her.
The gypsy, Sakkara
The girl's whose movements equaled those of a butterfly and a snake all meshed.
There she was in the court moving her arms in resembles to the seas waves her hips moving like the wind that swayed the trees.
Her pale moon skin and her ocean blue eyes mesmerized and hypnotized unlike no other and then she was dancing around me. Her dark night hair fell over her shoulders as she danced to the rhythm of the sitar player.
Her brother, I knew.
Never would he let me get close to her.
But she seemed to beg to differ.
Her fingers trailed along my arm and my shoulder as she circled me taking off the cape from my head exposing my face.
Then obvious silence as everyone recognized me in the square.
Princess Asahi.
Everyone bowed but she the only her that mattered, kept dancing around me, pulling me closer to her but I had other plans.
I grabbed her hand and took off with her running swiftly behind me leaving t
:iconproudakidoprincess:ProudAkidoPrincess 1 75
My lesbian Neko story end
I may be silent and deadly little Miho... but I knew when to worry. And when to back away when things got out of hand.
And as her life slipped through my hands I knew this would be beyond my capable hands.
You'll leave me... her voice was faint in my mind as I ran past town and got into the nearest hospital.
It wasn't an accusation... just a statement of fact and she already knew -her mind had been linked to mine-, where my thoughts had gone.
I don't want to but... it's the best for us... in the long run... I tried to reason with her. My heart shattering into a million pieces. Pieces that would, with no doubt, heal.
Yes. I would heal. She was just...
I understand. If she was angry I couldn't tell. But her eyes opened to mine for a brief second and she smiled a weak smile, but her eyes were hurt.
"I love you baby girl," both me and Kitty whispered -for once our feeling and thoughts the same- to this girl, this child... this... our one true love.
Me in Kanna
:iconproudakidoprincess:ProudAkidoPrincess 4 43
Is this love...
It's never been easy saying good bye.
At least to me it hasn't.
I can see that for you either.
I have high hopes that always get burned down as soon as they come into view.
But it's different with you.
Why do I feel this way...?
I'm not completely over my last heart break...
But you it seems have that in common.
It's love or what?
I'm trying to understand.
I'm fire, you're ice.
It's where we are born that makes us who we are.
You're ice, yes indeed, but you're not cold... you're warm where I am cold and light when I am in the dark.
What is this...?
All of a sudden you mean something to me.
All of a sudden you are important.
You care.
You are not spooked.
You are warm and welcoming.
Dare I call you my own?
I promised you.
No more than friends.
Maybe lovers...
but that is simply not the same.
How can you be alright with all I've been through?
How can you be fine with all I am?
How can you tell me each and every single day, that it doesn't matter how little time I have left?
How can y
:iconproudakidoprincess:ProudAkidoPrincess 1 31
Forbidden Love
~The secret~
As his eyes took in his surroundings, the dancers and the musicians in the corner and the courtiers buzzing about the court, gossiping and tittering their lives away, he couldn't help but notice the maiden hidden behind a pillar, away from the crowd.
Intrigued with the hidden maid, he slowly made his way toward her. But him being Sir Ragnor Lionsbane of Lightenwald was always watched most especially by the king.
"Ragnor, lad, where are ye headed?"
He flinched slightly and cursed under his breath stopping in his track.
Golden honey eyes met his and he could not look away. The pale face angel with golden honey eyes and dark ebony hair and luscious scarlet lips started at him as if she could read into his very soul.
The king laughed at some jest made by his fellow knight and called on Ragnor one more time. By the time he had reached the king's side and looked back at the woman with hypnotizing eyes, she was gone. He cursed himself inwardly for not having the decency of callin
:iconproudakidoprincess:ProudAkidoPrincess 1 15
Baby please
Baby please
I'm thinking of others,
Of other things,
And I can't wait,
For my phone to ring
And here your voice once more
It's been two months,
Two months of pain,
Of pain and torture
Among other things...
And I still cant wait for that phone to ring!
I miss you,
As I love you still
And you know that,
I haven't,
been able to stop, to stop, to stop,
thinking of you!
And I miss you,
I love you,
I need you,
Come back,
To me
Baby please.
Cuz I want you,
I had you,
I lost you,
And now you will never come back
To me.
Baby please.
And I miss you,
I love you,
I need you,
Come back,
To me
Baby please.
Cuz I want you,
I had you,
I lost you,
And now you will never come back
To me.
Baby please.
Oh baby please.
Here I'm sitting,
Just thinking,
Thinking of you,
I have nothing better,
To do.
My thoughts all circle,
A circle that spins,
All over inside my head.
And I still cant wait for my phone to ring!
I miss you,
As I love you still
And you know that,
I haven't,
been able to stop, to stop, to
:iconproudakidoprincess:ProudAkidoPrincess 17 27
Life anew
Tears of pain.
Tears of joy.
Everyone cries at some point.
Tears of shame.
Tears of… everything else.
It's all the same.
We cry because we're happy.
Because we're sad.
We cry because we're alone.
Because we're afraid.
We cry because we want to.
Because we need to.
But I cry because I know not what to do.
Everything I feel.
Everything I go through.
Everything I am.
What if I die?
What if I kill Life with me?
But I cannot take Life away.
I am not God.
Everything happens for a reason.
But why?
What if we live through it?
What if I can watch Life grow?
It's not just some plant.
It's Life.
It's… mine.
Meant to bring joy and sadness and doubts and pains.
But it will be my joy and sadness, my doubts and pains.
…My Life.
:iconproudakidoprincess:ProudAkidoPrincess 4 17
A new life.
Is this the result of it?
Why me?
Should I end it?
It's not it's fault.
It wasn't mine either.
Why me?
Without fault.
It's not mine to end.
I can't.
I won't…
:iconproudakidoprincess:ProudAkidoPrincess 1 24
Mature content
My lesbian Neko story p.16 :iconproudakidoprincess:ProudAkidoPrincess 4 11
It's been a while since I've thought about you at all.
But that's not the truth at all.
Truth is, I still miss you.
And like yesterday and the day before that,
I love you.
Do you remember those times?
Do you remember when you called me your and I called you mine?
Do you remember when we fought for what we thought was right?
Do you remember when we used to stay up and talk until we saw daylight?
Do you remember those times?
When I called you baby boi and had you call me baby girl…?
When I told you I loved you from the bottom of my heart?
When I promised you I'd love you even after we were no more?
I remember.
I wonder if you're doing okay.
I wonder if you'll be angry if I text.
I wonder if you're keeping your promise.
I wonder if your thinking of me like I'm thinking of you.
Or have you moved on with your life?
Forgotten about me, as I had always feared, so that it hurts less…
Do you miss me the slightest amount of how I miss you?
Do you love me still
:iconproudakidoprincess:ProudAkidoPrincess 31 38
My friend
You are the best.
There are just no other words to describe how lucky I am to have a friend ,ike you.
If only you were gay like me too we'd be perfect.
But it doesn't matter. I love you. Uncondiotionally and unbelievably.
I'm happy that I have someone to rant to when I feel like shit. And YES, you can make me feel better. You just don't know it. But now you will. I'll tell you every day if I must. I might not feel better at the very moment. But usually anything you said to me gets me to think and I can deal with my life a little better.
You know pain. You know it as I know it.
But I know love. And the love I feel for you is true and pure and happy and sunny and good.
You're everything a girl like me could ask for in a friend.
And guess what…
I love you.
And I mean it.
Thank you for being my friend.
:iconproudakidoprincess:ProudAkidoPrincess 1 7
Meeting Death
One right after the other,
Occurrences, incidents, tragedies,
One right after the other.

"Why?" I ask. "What the fuck have we, my family, done to you?"
"Nothing," he says and looks away from me.
"Then, why?" I question. Demand is closer to the truth.
He stays quiet.
I think. But nothing but my brother comes to mind. I sigh.
He takes interest in me, as he knows what I'm thinking and the choice I want to make.
"Take me instead."
His smile is grim and small. "I'm already doing that."
"Take me now, instead of him, then," I persist.
He smirks. "You're a very good actress."
"I'm not acting!" I stand up and glare him down. "That man in there is my brother." I remind him. "You already took away my grandmother from my father, and you're slowly taking me! Will you leave my father with NOTHING?! How dare you?"
He glares at me. I don't relent.
"I should take away your life as well as his today."
"You're already doing that!" I glower at him. "You said so yourself."
He stands.
I don't
:iconproudakidoprincess:ProudAkidoPrincess 3 22
A few of my things. I guess. I just want to get my feeling out to a certain someone. :heart:

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Dear Agony
I have nothing left to give
My energy is gone. Spent on everything and everyone. Mentally and physically, I'm tired. The only people who don't ask me for anything are my characters. And even they need me. People ask and I give, but what happens when I have nothing more to give? What if I meet someone and they want the one thing I don't want to give? Love.
I have found a perfect end
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In Love with a Girl
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Only the best things I have ever seen! YAY!



Kayla Fuji
Puerto Rico
Current Residence: My mind...
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Favourite photographer: Me!!!
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MP3 player of choice: iTouch! Yea yea!
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Wallpaper of choice: Flowers!!!
Skin of choice: ummm... My own PuertoRican skin?
Favourite cartoon character: Link, Shrek, Donkey, Fiona
Personal Quote: Don't mess with me or I'll pin you in three seconds flat. So DON'T make me.
Kayla you would have liked this.

Everyone please check this link out if you support The wonderful Gay Rainbow.
Being Gay is being Beautiful.… <--- You will Not regret it.

That is all.

Thank you.

- K


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SlimT Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
I know it's been a while, but I wanted to say I miss you. still think of you, and I was glad to have you as a friend.
hope you're having a nice sleep
ChelsM3 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Happy birthday, sis.
Devilia666 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy 19th love xx miss you..
nora-betty227 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Even though I never met you, I miss you, a whole heaping lot.
dadona777 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2012
omigahd I just realized what happened here ;_; I have no words to express what I'm thinking right now, so here:

Devilia666 Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I guess more people who haven't realized will come along. Those are a lot of hugs.. Have one back :huggle:
dadona777 Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2012
thanks :hug:
Devilia666 Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm happy you made her page a little more colourful with those emoticons, so thank you. It's appreciated :)
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Schwarzer-Carnifex Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2012
I might not have known the proud owner of this DA account, nor will I know any of her friends.

But I would like to say that from what has been said of her through comments and artistic feedback that she was a great person and that Heaven has gained a great and irreplaceable soul. Friends and family of Kayla; I am truely sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prays go to you and Kayla.

Mors non est finis, sed initium. Quae pax et quies a dextris Dei.
Devilia666 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for posting this :) it means a lot. :hug:
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